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vagabond des limbes - vagabond of limbo comics by godard and ribera

Vagabond of Limbo characters : Aremihc

Posted by Axle Munshine on November 13 2012, 12:23pm

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A shrewd and glamorous woman devoted to ambition and the quest for power, Aremihc has decided very early on to stake her claim on Axle Munshine and use her talents to help further his political career. She is a member of the Superior Council of the Guild, and she hails from the Mandorla Constellation, a place where women have strange and scary abilities.

It is no accident if her name is 'Chimera' spelt backwards : she is her complete opposite.

As dark as Chimera is fair, as cruel as her rival in love is vulnerable, Aremihc has a natural talent for intrigue and never stops plotting to catch the Vagabond of Limbo, one way or the other.


Axle has left her behind without a second thought, just to chase a crazy dream, even though Aremihc had given him the ultimate proof of her devotion : she killed to protect him, with the help of her secret weapon – killer bees she keeps hidden within her throat.

But, as they say, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and Aremihc is no exception...

She shall never forgive Axle for abandoning her, and overnight she'll turn into one of his fiercest enemies.

From then on, she will hunt him down with a vengeance, for as long as she lives.


aremihc - godard & ribera -

aremihc - godard & ribera -

- godard & ribera -
- godard & ribera -

- godard & ribera -

Vagabond of Limbo characters : Aremihc
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Comment on this post

Amanda 08/13/2016 19:37

She reminds me of Regina in Once Upon a Time!

Axle Munshine 08/14/2016 02:05

Hello Amanda, thank you for your comment. Yes, there is a certain resemblance - but Regina eventually turns her back on evil, whereas Aremihc, driven by jealousy, just keeps spiraling out of control...

writing companies reviews 09/01/2014 13:45

I've been reading this comic series since I'm introduced to french comics, which were way intellectual in their concept theme. I've written a few article about these comics and I hope I could get these comics for some more days without any obstacle. Thanks for the share.

Axle 09/02/2014 01:29

Thank you for your comment. The Vagabond's blog has just celebrated its second anniversary and there will be a new announcement about the series any day now.

powered 05/14/2014 13:43

It's been a long long time i read this comic, the one which was a favorite of mine in the childhood. And so does it revokes me the sweet memories of childhood. And it gives a feeling that, there wasn't a need for growing up.

Axle 05/15/2014 11:23

Thank you for your comments. Your feedback is really appreciated :)
More news soon about the brand new episode of The Vagabond of Limbo. I hope you enjoy other posts on this blog in the meantime !

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