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vagabond des limbes - vagabond of limbo comics by godard and ribera

Vagabond of Limbo characters : Axle Munshine

Posted by Axle Munshine on October 21 2012, 16:32pm

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The supreme Mediate is the uncontested, all-powerful ruler of the entire Universe of the Guild. His government is based upon a Council composed of 13 members.


Number 13, as we shall see, is of the utmost importance in this world...


The Mediate has a special representative, for the most delicate, dangerous or faraway diplomatic missions ; a young man whose courage is legendary : Axle Munshine, who bears the much-envied title of Great Conciliator – an intergalactic diplomat, whose considerable authority make him the equivalent of a Head of State.


But although absolute power attracts absolutely, and grants Axle the passionate (albeit unsolicited) interest of the glamorous and ambitious Aremihc, his position also brings forth rivalries and jealousies.

Axle, bored by political intrigue, is oblivious to all this.

All he truly cares about is the fascinating, mysterious woman who keeps appearing in his dreams. But when he starts recording these nightly visions and asking too many questions about the other world he can glimpse in his sleep - thereby violating a sacred rule separating reality and dreams, the Thirteenth Commandment : « Thou shalt not cross the threshold of Sleep » - he doesn't realise he's actually paving the way for all those who covet his position, and who would only be too happy to see him get banished and pushed out of their way...


axle munshine by julio ribera
axle munshine by julio ribera
axle munshine by julio ribera
axle munshine by julio ribera

axle munshine by julio ribera

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Wow! I loved the theme. The artist somehow managed to pull something extra ordinary to audiences. The story was well pictured as well as there was some nice piece of authenticity into it. I want to say, you have done a great job picturing the story.
Thank you for your input, Snoring Mouthpiece. Your visits are appreciated. And we have forwarded your compliments to the artist :)

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