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vagabond des limbes - vagabond of limbo comics by godard and ribera

Vagabond of Limbo Episode Guide - English version

Publié par Axle Munshine sur 12 Septembre 2012, 16:12pm

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Axle Munshine, The Vagabond of Limbo


In space, no one can hear you dream...

In a faraway galaxy, in a whole other world, largely ruled by the Guild...

Axle Munshine owns the most extraordinary spaceship in the Universe, the

Silver Dolphin, invented by his father, Korian, a genius. The entire crew aboard the vessel are androids.

Axle holds a secret belief: dreams are for real – after all, traces of them remain in his memory once awake.


To him, dreams are images from another world, another dimension. With the help of android Matt Gammone, he has built the Dreamwavor: a machine that allows him to dream deliberately and videotape his visions. In his sleep he meets a gorgeous young woman, Chimera, who has awaited him all of her life. He is convinced she's for real... His young sidekick Musky, an Eternaut, thinks he's crazy but is all too ready and willing to follow him, in search of adventure...


1- Axle Munshine

Axle Munshine, the Great Conciliator, is coming home to planet Xylos, to report to his superior, the Supreme Mediate, ruler of the Guild, after a delicate diplomatic mission.

Tagging along with Axle is his young friend Musky, the only child of the Prince of the Eternauts.

Musky has chosen to temporarily stop his/her growth just before puberty -until he/she finds someone to love deeply enough to grow older... This love and whoever inspires it will determine whether Musky becomes man or woman.

The Council, on Xylos, is rife with intrigue. Meanwhile Axle, feeling lonely, seeks solace in dreams...

Rivalries prompt council members to spy on Axle. Soon he is accused of having broken the 13th Commandment:


Dreaming at will and recording one's dreams are a criminal offence, punished by the death penalty... Axle has to flee, with Musky in tow, leaving behind Aremihc, who helped them escape. He's now a Vagabond of Limbo... On a quest for his dream woman, Chimera.

2- Empire of Dark Suns

Axle has lost his rank and must flee like a pariah for having broken the 13th Commandment.

Musky has refused to leave his side and they find themselves trapped by Purple Guard patrollers, on board the Silver Dolphin. In a desperate attempt at escaping, the spaceship dives into a black hole, a terrifying void into which matter seemingly dissolves and vanishes forever.

However, the Silver Dolphin valiantly resists the violent hurdle. On the other side, a strange world awaits, bathed in the bizarre light cast by two black suns, and ruled by a despotic character claiming to be Fate made flesh... He also says Chimera isn’t real, which prompts Axle to fight him. But who ever won a fight against Fate itself?

3-The Cosmos Scavengers

On a tiny planet, Axle & Musky are attacked and caught by a gang of scavenging alien outlaws, led by Ma Supernova.

Axle, stung by the poisonous sting of a scorpion-like outlaw, seems dead, and Musky just lets all the fight go out of her. Their bodies are delivered on planet Horla, where the ambitious Baqi, who rules the land, plots to take over the amazing Silver Dolphin, using Axle’s body to enter the spaceship –which will not let in any unauthorised crew. However, Baqi’s brain may take over Axle’s body, but cannot erase the undying love for Chimera from his soul...

4-Demons of Still Time

On planet Omphale, Axle comes to the Great Shaman, leader of the Kannybs, for advice. He is allowed to explore the Labyrinth of the 3 Monarchs, on his quest for Chimera ; there he encounters three versions of himself – in old age, youth, and childhood - and must face them to conquer Chimera... Even if this means destroying parts of himself. Meanwhile Musky is waiting for his return and the Kannybs are looming closer...

5-The Ultimate Alchemist

In a dream, Chimera tells Axle that only the Almighty can help reunite them. Axle knows that someone known as 'the Almighty', or 'Ultimate Alchemist', is held by the Guild on some lost planet. He tracks him down, and gets to him thanks to Musky (who, much to Axle’s surprise, is turning irrevocably into a girl !), despite the Great Pack of Hownds, the faithful men-dogs or Were-dogs guarding him. Is this tired old Alchemist the actual god who created Axle’s universe? Or is he a mere charlatan? In any case he’s now grown fat and cynical, has lost most of his previous powers, and tells Axle his beloved Chimera doesn’t exist. But he just might create her...

6-What is reality, papa?

Still desperately looking for Chimera, Axle requests a seer’s help. The clairvoyant leads him to believe she can hear Chimera’s voice coming from planet Earth. She gives Axle her Distors –a large blue caterpillar-type creature that’ll feed on his blood, and in exchange, shall fashion reality to suit his fancy. At first the creature’s power seems to confirm the seer’s tale ; but the closer Axle gets to planet Earth, the wilder things get, especially around some famous Hollywood studio where a ditsy blonde actress is learning the part of Chimera for a forthcoming science fiction movie...

7-The Boonks War

Still looking for a door to another world, Axle lets a legend lead him to planet Amnyot, where life depends upon the 'Boonks', giant bank-type organisations regulating the Survisap, a fluid essential to the survival of the Amnyotics. Citizens accomplishing hard work for these firms get rewarded by a daily dose of Survisap, but once a Boonk account is closed, its owner faces death. Life on the surface of the planet is therefore harsh and merciless, but as Musky & Axle shall find out, the secret hidden within its core is scarier still... This new danger faced together inspires in Musky the secret desire to resume growing and turning into a fully grown woman for Axle...

8-For Three Seeds of Eternity

Axle suffers terrifying nightmares in which a faceless enemy kidnaps and tortures Chimera. His intent is to blackmail Axle into handing over to him a priceless treasure: Musky’s three seeds of eternity, which allow an Eternaut to be reborn after death.

Rather than comply, Axle intends to fight the demon. But no one ever survived a duel against his opponent...

9-The Virgin Labyrinth

Hunted down by Purple Guard soldiers, Axle & Musky seek refuge inside a labyrinth-like planet, from which no man ever came out alive. There, people trapped inside are condemned to keep moving forward endlessly, facing traps at every twist and turn of the ever-changing labyrinth ; there, time and reality are distorted, and the journey never ends...

10-The Last Predator

In a drug-induced sleep, Axle has a vision in which Chimera and Musky are one and the same. Axle, upset by that revelation, believes Musky deliberately lied to him about her identity, and he takes on a mercenary mission for the Guild. His salary will be a few moments on the “Other Side” with Chimera... Somewhere in outer space, an otherworldly phenomenon is making matter disappear. Axle’s mission – which will take him all the way to the mysterious planet Ouroboros - is to find out what extraordinary force could destroy entire galaxies, and why...

11-The Mask of Kohm

The constellation of Kohma is one of the most powerful in the Universe, thanks to its fields of Quetzalitz flowers, which produce a highly valuable mineral substance, much needed by the Guild. Once again Axle gets hired as a mercenary. His mission is to go to Kohmedy, where each citizen has to wear a symbiotic mask befitting his or her rank in society. There he shall unmask the monarch - who’s plotting a so-called 'holy war' - and help replace him with one of the Guild’s allies. But Axle does not wear a mask, which, on Kohmedy, labels him an assassin...

12-The Wolves of Kohm

Kohmedy is a multi-layered planet. Exploring its different levels, Axle & Musky meet Lycanth, Prince of Wolves and murderers. He might become a powerful ally and help overthrow the monarch –or turn into a formidable foe. But power changes hands so quickly on Kohmedy – it will take all of Axle’s swiftness and presence of mind to stay alive under the circumstances. And the mysterious man hiding behind the mask of the monarch is yet another enigma...

13-The Child-King of Onirodyn

Axle must now face the truth he’s avoided so far : Musky, now unquestionably a young woman in full bloom, is turning every day more and more into his dream woman, Chimera. He gives in to temptation and falls for her, even though his dreams have warned him against their future.

On Xylos, council members are appalled : Axle & Musky’s love had been predicted by the Oracles, and its consequence must be the overlapping of the dream world with their Universe, which will bring forth chaos and destroy both worlds.

Meanwhile, Musky picks a peaceful planet, Hyveas-the-Pretty, for the wedding ceremony and honeymoon. Once her union with Axle is celebrated, they retire under a tent to make love for the first time... But the evil Aremihc, still resentful for having been scorned by Axle, has carefully plotted Musky’s kidnapping, and arranges to have her sent to the Other Side...

14-A Little Mistress

Musky is held prisoner by the Guild’s henchmen on the Other Side – on a planet looking very much like our planet Earth, in a South American country. Axle feels she’s lost forever, and visits her homeland, Giantgigogna, to break the news to Musky’s father, the Prince. During his stay, Axle learns that Eternauts have the power to clone themselves at different stages of their lives – only, these clones remain the same forever, and never grow old. And thus he meets Musky’s perfect double, Muskee, cloned just before her sibling followed Axle across the Universe. As stubborn and passionate as her double, Muskee falls in love with Axle and follows him aboard the Silver Dolphin. But - still obsessed by the real Musky- he cannot find it in his heart to love her back, and declares war to the Guild. While on distant Earth, Musky finds that she is pregnant...

15-Time of the Oracles

The Oracles are the Powers that Be governing destiny in Axle’s Universe. To obey their predictions, his beloved Musky has been sent to the Other Side by Axle’s archenemy Aremihc – which means Musky is apparently condemned to remain in this alternate world forever. And her “double”, Muskee, in a desperate attempt to make Axle care about her, has surrendered herself to the Guild. Belatedly understanding that he cannot go on without her, Axle sets out to find where she is held captive –but when he does reach the tank inside which she was locked up, a new enigma awaits him...

16-Junkyard of the Stars

Musky is back ! Somehow she has exchanged her identity with her clone Muskee, who has agreed to carry her future child, thanks to the special powers they share as Eternauts... And so the original Musky is back by Axle’s side.

But he’s reluctant to trust her. Is she the actual Musky, his dream woman ?

Or her identical double, trying to fool him ? Or is this yet another trick from the Guild to hurt him some more ? Together they go to Stardup, a planet dedicated to gambling, where everyone has to play games to survive. There Axle discovers new information about his long-lost father, Korian...

17-The Celestial Martingale

Axle and Musky are trapped on Stardup : the planet’s ruler, Ze-Winner, believes Axle knows the secret of the Celestial Martingale, a device enabling its owner to win at every game, and wants to get hold of it by hook or by crook before the elections...

Fleeing the entire population and the police, they have to cross a lawless underground land controlled by gangs of skinheads...

18-Smugglers of the Future

Since Matt Gammone has decoded a message telling him of Korian’s whereabouts. Axle is eager to find whether his father is still alive. After a malfunction inside the Silver Dolphin’s system, Axle, Musky and Matt explore a planet created by Korian, where monuments and art from the past, smuggled from all around the Universe by outlaws, are gathered inside the strangest of theme parks...

19-A Streetcar called Delirium

Musky, eager for some fun, insists upon having a picnic on a nearby planet, Phylomenia-de-Phyla. There, cables and wires are spreading in every direction, like a web covering the entire planet. Axle & Musky encounter the local inhabitants.

Outwardly they look like giant rabbit hybrids, and they all have curious antennae inserted into their foreheads. Through these, their minds are controlled and they must obey every order sent through the network they’re linked to. However, some have decided to rebel against this order. Axle and his powerful spaceship become high stakes in this conflict...

20-A Certain Mister Ko

Matt and the crew have discovered that someone is sending through space some kind of brainwaves, directed towards Axle. The source emitting these waves comes from the Other Side. Against all odds Axle decides to risk his life in order to find who’s trying to control him. Musky, fiercely jealous of her “double” Muskee, who now lives over there, refuses to let him go alone, and also crosses over to the Other Side. There Mr Ko, a writer, knows more than he’s willing to let on... Axle’s father, Korian, had made a discovery that enabled him to keep in touch with his son’s life from afar...

21-The Dumping ground

Axle and Matt receive an S.O.S. from a small spaceship ; they rescue the ship and its captain, Archibald Klapp, but discover that he’s infected by a strange mildew-like disease, growing on his face and spreading fast to the rest of his body. While they’re trying to find a cure to this fatal disease, Musky gets contaminated. She faces death within 24 hours. After initially trying to keep her in isolation, Axle, moved by her despair, sets her free, thereby risking his crew’s life and his own. Their only hope is to track down a mysterious planet where strange creatures seem immune to this disease caused by toxic waste...

22-The Lonely One

Neglected by Axle, Musky feels lonely and bored. She gains access to Korian’s secret lab, hidden in one of the Silver Dolphin’s many nooks and crannies. There, she and Matt Gammone find a detector of Tri-3A – supposedly the happiest, most peaceful planets in their universe. Musky decides to go live on such a planet, since Axle doesn’t pay attention to her anymore. Worried about her safety, Matt has her followed by Jamy, one of the androids.

At first glance the planet is friendly, filled with welcoming, nameless people referring to themselves simply as “Me” and calling others “You”. Musky soon strikes a friendship with a sweet-looking young man. But when she, without a second thought, agrees to hold his hand, a curious phenomenon occurs...

23-Breaking Up

Musky has taken special sleeping pills from Korian’s secret lab and connected herself to the Dreamwavor ; her nightmares suddenly become real, and monstrous visions from her dreams materialise and take her away. As long as she doesn’t wake up, she remains lost in her nightmarish world, held captive by a terrifying bio-mechanical lord, part man, part machine, on a planet that doesn’t exist. Axle follows her, but she cannot see him, since he’s a like a ghost in this imaginary world...

24-Muskee, once more and always

Musky’s father, the Prince of Eternauts, reaches the Silver Dolphin – only to discover that Axle has mysteriously vanished. Thanks to his Eternaut special abilities, he catches up with him in the nick of time on planet Zenobia, just as an enchanting but dangerous Zenobe is trying to seduce the Vagabond of Limbo... They determine that the Guild is behind the whole setup – it was one of Aremihc’s ploys to kill Axle. Saved by the Prince, Axle tells him how Musky chose to disappear into a nightmare.

However, among the Prince’s guards is one of Aremihc’s spies ; as soon as she learns that Axle has escaped the Zenobe’s deadly trap, she sends a Purple Guard squad to eliminate him. The Prince gives up his life to save Axle’s, and entrusts him with his seeds of Eternity, with one last request...

25-The Little Clone (Parts 1 & 2)

Axle plans to reopen the door to the Other Side, where he intends to rescue Muskee (Musky’s identical clone) and his newborn son. He must bring Muskee back into his Universe at all costs, for she is the only one who can perform the rites to get her father’s spirit reincarnated. But while his crew is working hard at reopening the portal to the other world, he heads for the Eternauts' capital, Giantgygogna –even though he knows the Eternauts hold him responsible for Musky’s disappearance, her double Muskee’s departure, and the Prince’s untimely death. He enlists the services of Bormo, a Bormian who can astral-project himself to the old Mediate’s side...

Axle faces a trial on Giantgygogna and convinces the widowed Princess to let him find her daughter's clone Muskee and bring her back. But a plot to overthrow the throne threatens his life once again, and he must rely on Bormo to get away from Giantgygogna and through the tunnel between his world and the Other Side...

There, Muskee –who has given birth to Axle’s child- is being forced by the Guild’s henchmen to make daily “apparitions”, for she is worshipped as a holy being...

26-Point of No Return

Axle has managed to convince Muskee to come back with him, but she is torn inside, for they have left Axle’s son Mu behind, at the hands of kidnappers. The abducters intend to use Mu to serve their political aims : the baby has been identified as the 'child-king' announced by prophecies - a Messiah born from a virgin mother to save the world... In Axle’s universe, however, the couple's troubles are far from over : Aremihc’s henchmen design a computer virus to mess up the Silver Dolphin’s system. When Axle, looking for a nice quiet place to spend some time with Muskee, takes her to a supposedly peaceful planet, selected by the Silver Dolphin’s computer, they suddenly find themselves caught in a terrifying earthquake. Axle is grievously wounded – his heart is still beating but his brain has suffered irretrievable damage.

Grieving, Muskee refuses to leave his side. To comfort her, the android crew build a robot copy of Axle –a sad overly emotional android soon nicknamed Axle Two, and designed to love her.

Meanwhile, the old Mediate, who always intended to pick Axle as his successor, is neither ready nor willing to let Aremihc get away with her crime...

27-The World Backwards

Axle has been declared officially dead. The Supreme Mediate has sent Korian’s former assistant Amos to the rescue. Amos tells Matt that, according to Korian’s theories, it is possible to go back in time all the way to the era before the Big Bang, and there, time goes backwards. If Axle could be transported to this “time before the beginning of Times”, his brain could be regenerated within a couple of days.

Aboard a Time Machine created by Korian, Muskee takes Axle’s unconscious body, in an oxygen tank –unknowingly bringing along a stowaway : Axle Two, the cowardly android- back in time.

There, people die before growing young and their lives end at birth... Muskee meets a young boy called Egres who introduces her to the ways of his world, while Axle slowly heals...

28-Carnival of Animonsters

Axle being officially dead, the Silver Dolphin, impregnable until then, is now easily taken over by Aremihc and her Purple Guard. Axle & Muskee return from the past, only to be captured by Aremihc and promptly marooned on Therato 7, a planet inhabited by hostile, genetically engineered monsters. However, the Silver Dolphin’s control and security systems are connected to Axle’s brainwaves, and as soon as he’s back among the living, the amazing spaceship comes back to life, neutralising unauthorised intruders...

However, Axle’s metabolism has been severely shaken and he endures sudden, uncontrollable fits, on Therato 7, amid dangerous creatures...

29-Making Up

Axle’s archenemy Aremihc has been left to fend off for herself amongst monsters on Therato 7. The old Mediate announces to the Council that since the Guild cannot beat Axle, they should ask him to join them, to come back into the fold. He has vanquished death itself and would therefore make a powerful ally, especially as a great danger is threatening the entire Universe. A meteorite is heading fast towards a giant mass of energy, which could create a new Big Bang and destroy all existing life forms.

Thus Axle is pardoned and the Mediate asks him to stop the meteorite, which with his powerful Silver Dolphin should be feasible... But a sect of reptilian aliens is in favour of an apocalypse and will go to any length to stop Axle. To cap it all, Axle still has dematerialisation fits, and he has promised Muskee a honeymoon before the end of the world...

3O-Return to Xantl

Axle has saved the world and survived one last dematerialisation fit. He and Muskee have become lovers. But they’re never alone for long. Everywhere in the Universe Axle’s name is celebrated ; the old Mediate, whose health is declining fast, reinstates him as Great Conciliator of the Guild, and plans to choose him as his successor, over the many eager candidates to absolute power...

Axle, oblivious to political tensions, is eager to show Muskee his former home on planet Terracotta. But they narrowly escape an assassination attempt, and the old Mediate is abducted. The main candidates to his seat send Axle on his trail, towards the Planet of Prodigies...

31- Planet of Prodigies

Axle Munshine has retrieved his position as Great Conciliator and gone back to Xantl, the capital-planet, with Muskee in tow. However they have to leave again, resuming their travels through space, this time to rescue the old Mediate who has been kidnapped by political opponents just as he was about to officially choose Axle as his successor.

Axle and Muskie land on Thauma, the planet of Prodigies, where everything is a mirage, and all appearances are fake. Axle must survive the illusions controlled by the Master of Appearances if he wants to reach the ailing Mediate before it's too late...

vagabond of limbo - axle munshine - ultimate alchemist
vagabond of limbo - axle munshine - ultimate alchemist
vagabond of limbo - axle munshine - ultimate alchemist
vagabond of limbo - axle munshine - ultimate alchemist
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vagabond of limbo - axle munshine - ultimate alchemist
vagabond of limbo - axle munshine - ultimate alchemist

vagabond of limbo - axle munshine - ultimate alchemist

vagabond of limbo - axle munshine - what is reality papa
vagabond of limbo - axle munshine - what is reality papa
vagabond of limbo - axle munshine - what is reality papa
vagabond of limbo - axle munshine - what is reality papa
vagabond of limbo - axle munshine - what is reality papa
vagabond of limbo - axle munshine - what is reality papa
vagabond of limbo - axle munshine - what is reality papa
vagabond of limbo - axle munshine - what is reality papa
vagabond of limbo - axle munshine - what is reality papa
vagabond of limbo - axle munshine - what is reality papa
vagabond of limbo - axle munshine - what is reality papa
vagabond of limbo - axle munshine - what is reality papa

vagabond of limbo - axle munshine - what is reality papa

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I would love to get my hands on the english versions of all the titles in the series. I had the english versions of "What is reality Papa" and "The Ultimate Alchemist" but sadly they were lost during shifting residences. Searching for the PDF Versions has not brought me any luck any idea where i can get them.
Hello, AB, welcome to the Vagabond of Limbo's blog, and thank you for your query. <br /> "The ultimate Alchemist" and "What is reality papa" are the only titles translated into English so far - the former was published in the US, the latter in Canada. Both have long been out of print and are pretty hard to find. <br /> However you might be able to dig up online some secondhand copies of Heavy Metal Magazine where both episodes where first pre-published.<br /> Check out the full references of the relevant issues and their cover pictures, at the bottom of this post :<br /> http://vagabonddeslimbes.overblog.com/domaine-etranger-vagabond-of-limbo-pays-anglophones<br /> <br /> You may also try asking the authors directly if they are planning to release other adaptations into English anytime soon. Since they have recently retrieved all their rights on the series, they are now in charge of its future. <br /> If enough readers request an English version, they just might make it happen...<br /> You can reach them through their respective blogs and websites, if you feel so inclined.<br /> For Christian Godard: http://christiangodard.canalblog.com/<br /> For Julio Ribera: http://rattosoftware.chez.com/julio/julio.html<br /> Let us know how things turn out !<br /> Best of luck,<br /> Axle
Hi!<br /> <br /> I am looking for the comics, This summary of the episodes is great, but I have such a thirst for the comic... Is there a way I can get, buy, find or lay my hands on a PDF or a copy in either English or Spanish? I got to download a few issues a while back, but the lead went cold and I can't find more. I'm writing from Mexico City. I have asked in bookstores in the US and Latinamerica, and I find nothing. <br /> <br /> Thank you very much for any help you can provide!<br /> <br /> All the best,<br /> <br /> Bernardo
Hello, Bernardo, thank you for your question. <br /> Only 2 episodes of The Vagabond of Limbo have been adapted into English so far : 'An Ultimate Alchemist', and 'What is reality, Papa?'. They have been out of print for several years. <br /> In Spanish, the series was called 'El Caminante del Cosmos' (episode 1 was published as a hardcover book) and later in the press as 'El Vagabundo de Los Limbos'. You might still find a few episodes in back issues of magazines like Cimoc or Gran Aventurero. The series is well-loved in Chile and Mexico.<br /> Best of luck,<br /> Axle
Brilliant post..
Hello Aju,<br /> <br /> Thank you for your visit and for your comments, which will be forwarded to the authors of the series. <br /> How did you discover the Vagabond's story ? Would you share with us your thoughts about Axle Munshine and Musky's adventures ?<br /> This blog is proud to greet visitors from Russia, Serbia, Canada, Belgium, Greece, Indonesia, Mexico, Australia and India, and we love to hear from readers of the Vagabond of Limbo all around the world ! <br /> <br /> Unfortunately episodes 1 to 4 have not been translated professionally into English, at least not just yet, although they are currently available in many other languages like German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Croatian, Greek, Portuguese... <br /> But there are good news coming in the near future. The Vagabond episodes should become available in downloadable e-book form, in just a few weeks' time - in French, at first... <br /> If there are enough readers like yourself who request an English translation, your wish may be taken into account by the authors, so, watch this space ! We are expecting an announcement from the authors very soon, and we will happily share the news with you on this blog as soon as possible. <br /> <br /> All the best to you,<br /> Axle.
This is a must read for any lover of this amazing comic, I have been long searching for the english translation or scanlation of this series- only ones I have are those published by Heavy metal- issues 5 &amp; 6! Any other place for at least the first 4 issues english scanlation???
Thanks very much, Mathew, that means a lot! Welcome to the Vagabond's blog. You can find various other posts in English scattered throughout this blog, if you type the keywords &quot;vagabond of limbo&quot; in the search box at the top of the page. Feel free to leave any questions or comments :)


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